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Specializing in Silicon Photovoltaics


Lightdrop Harvest

Lightdrop Harvest was founded September 1, 2012 by Daniel Meier to pursue scientific consulting with a specialization in photovoltaics and solar generator systems.

With over 30 years of professional experience in silicon photovoltaics and other high-tech areas, Dan is prepared to offer guidance and assistance to his clients in the following key areas:

  • Solar Cell Design, Fabrication, and Testing
  • Characterization Methods and Equipment
  • Module Design and Analysis
  • Patent Development and Litigation
  • Design and Installation of Stand Alone Solar Generators
  • Design and Installation of Grid-Tied Solar Generators

More recently, Lightdrop Harvest has expanded its offerings to include vision systems to inspect manufactured parts for surface defects.

Lightdrop Harvest

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